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Best Rated Sports & Travel Towel

Finally-Throw away your heavy, bulky, smelly, germ laden
towels. Our PROTECTED Sports & Travel Towel is
Antimicrobial Protected - Fast Drying - Compact Microfiber
Super Absorbent - Lightweight and soft to the touch.

Take anywhere-any trip.

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"Our little swimmer loves her new towel!

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She uses it every practice and every meet!"

Best Rated Sports & Travel Towel

PROTECTED Sports & Travel Towel for Camping-Swim-Beach-Gym-Yoga-Backpacking-Business-Take Anywhere! Fast Drying-Antimicrobial-Compact Microfiber-Super Absorbent-INHIBITS BACTERIA AND BAD ODOR! Dry yourself with a Protected Towel by Life Towel now!”

Our PROTECTED Sports & Travel Towel can be rolled or folded and put in your pocket, purse, overnight bag, backpack, glove compartment, briefcase, etc. Easy to bring along on all kinds of trips or places: Camping-Hiking-Beach-Gym-Pack-Trek-Business-Personal-Sports-Yoga-Backpacking-Swimming-Boating-Kayaking-Motorcylce-RV- Bath-anywhere or anytime you might need a towel.

Customer Testimonials

Our towels have traveled the world, have been to the beach and pool, in the gym, on the hiking trail, to the mountains, in the jungles, in hotel rooms, on the sidelines, on the boat and in the home, all with exceptional results! “

Teruka T.

“ I am an itinerant traveler. Every year I make trips to to Southeast Asia including Thailand as well as Nepal, and this Travel Towel is the handiest thing I have purchased in recent years. Not only does it provide protection from the many bacteria that are rampant in various third world countries, it is also conveniently light and compact, occupying very little space in my backpack. I also appreciate the quick drying feature, which is a must when you are on the go. Whenever I pack for a trip I don’t leave home without it. How about the possibility of providing this towel in a variety of colors including camouflage?”

Teruka T.

See what Hiking Lady has to say about our PROTECTED Sports & Travel Towel!

Hiking Lady

All of us hikers and backpackers appreciate lightweight, quick dry towels. No wonder REI and other outdoor shops have huge selections of various packable microfiber towels for drying off after a dip in a lake or a campground shower. They are also great to take to the beach, yoga class, or just to have in your emergency kit.

Now there’s a new player in the quick dry towel space: LifeTowel!

I was introduced to LifeTowel on Facebook, and have been testing a couple of samples of their quick dry travel towels. Quick dry towels, including LifeTowels, can absorb a lot of water, be wrung out, and air dry quickly. That is why backpackers, hikers, and travelers use them regularly. Whenever I go camping or backpacking, I always have my quick dry towel with me.


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